Drainge, problem of big cities

With the name there come a big responsibilities. Kathmandu, capital of one of the beautiful landlock country Nepal, South Asia facing with a big issue of drainage system especially during rainy system. With the increasing population and the people migrating from all over the different region of Nepal from East to West. People of different ethenic group and culture reside in search of better facilities, good education , job opportunities. But due to non proper management and proper engineering structural design, people are making the building on their own further hampering the drainage system. Rainwater drainage and flood control system can be a challenge regardless of location, but there are certain issues that tend to arise when coming up with a structural design for such a system in urban environments, specifically. Large cities have different geographic demands and other concerns than rural locations do. That’s why it’s so critical to have good engineering structural design of drainage system to keep the cities unhygienic and free from diseases.

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